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Vking Girl

Alan dukardt vkingfemale9
Alan dukardt vkingfemale9
Alan dukardt vking sketch0

1- Rough sketches to settle down the idea.

Alan dukardt vking sketch1

2- Looking for the pose.

Alan dukardt vking sketch2

3- Applying Lineart over the sketch.

Alan dukardt vking sketch4

4- Final lineart.

Alan dukardt vking sketch5

5- Blocking values.

Alan dukardt vkingfemale6

6- Adding color and some textures.

Alan dukardt b

7- Almost there! I am still not satisfied with the balance of the pose.

Alan dukardt vkingfemale9

8- Final!I I changed the pose and did quite more changes on the face, adding details and color balance. I hope you guy enjoy it as much as I did!